In life we are blessed, for better or worse with family. And then there is chosen family. Those amazing people in our lives that start out as friends, quickly move to best friends and eventually become family. The people that we would not ever want to live with out. Today I want to talk about one of my oldest and dearest friends who is my chosen sister. Sharene. We met almost 30 years ago at a tiny little neighborhood park in Hollywood and have been thick as thieves ever since. Even when we lost touch for a little bit we would eventually find each other and it would be like no time had passed. Sharene is my grounding. Even at the height of my crazy years which lasted way past my teens she has been there to keep me from going too crazy. And when I didn’t listen so well, and had to learn the hard way, she has loved me and been there for me anyway. She has picked me up off the floor more times than I can count. Her influence has not always been saintly. But even in corrupting me she has protected me. She gave me my first drink but never let me have too much. She exposed me to the joys of cutting class from time to time but always encouraged me to do my best. We stayed out late, but she made sure we were always safe. We learned about boys and love and sex but were never too far apart. We smoked and laughed together on my living room floor and I always knew we were OK because she was right there with me. We have seen each other through two kids a piece and all of the ups and downs and tears of fear and joy that come with it. We are Godmother to each others children and love them all with all of our crazy Mama Bear hearts.

Sharene is the most amazing bad ass warrior women I have ever had the honor of knowing. She has lived through, nay, fiercely fought through, abuse, drama, heartache and pain that no normal human would have been able to endure. She has kicked cancer’s ass with extreme prejudice. Been dealt the worst aftermath and side effects of cancer treatment I have ever heard of and continues to fight like the beautiful strong goddess that she is. She has been there to lend and ear and give advice even when she felt horrible. She has never pushed me away or told me not now. She always tells it like she sees it. No sugar coating or telling me what I wanna hear and for that I am eternally grateful. I love this women so much. I could never do enough to repay her for all of her love, tough or otherwise. There are not enough words to say thank you for all that she has done for me. Including taking me and my boys, and all our pets in when we found ourselves with out a home for a little while.

We have not always seen totally eye to eye. And we defiantly have different tastes in just about everything except David Bowie but that is what has made our friendship so wonderful. We give each other different perspectives. We teach each other new things. We celebrate our diversity. We love each other unconditionally.

I look up to her. I cherish her. Even though we don’t see each other as much as I would like, as we both tend to be house bound with our respective health issues. She is in my heart and on my mind every day.

She is beauty.

She is strength.

She is Joy.

She is Goddess, Princess, and Queen.

She is a rock star!

She is my Sister forever.

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