I post a lot about how hard fibro is. From articles to comics to memes. It’s all over the internet, how often people with fibro and other “invisible conditions ” are miss understood and judged unfairly. I do this because it needs to be done.
But…what I don’t see a lot of is talk about the amazing support people we DO have in our lives. I feel like those people need to be celebrated much more. We need to write articles and draw comics and shout to the world about the people that are there for us every day in all sorts of different ways. Some of them struggling through there own health issues and hard times. Don’t me wrong, I do see it. Many do make it a point to thank there support people, privately and publicly. I just feel I need to do more to honor mine. And since I am limited in so many ways I can at least use the tools I still have to do so.
My support system is huge! They are the reasons I am still here. The reasons I survive.
It would be an injustice to try to squeeze them all into one post. So I have decided to split it up to one or two at a time over the next…well however long it takes. I want all of them to know, and everyone else to know, that every day they make a huge difference in my life.
I am eternally grateful for each and every one of them.
So…from here on out that will be my mission. Please come back and read about these amazing people and feel free to share with me the stories about your support people.

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