To Whom it may concern,

I am writing to you in regards to my recent visit to one of your appointed doctors. Dr Richard A. Reines M.D.. I have never in my life had such a dehumanizing experience with a physician. Some may say I am fortunate in this, which in and of itself is a sad commentary, but I digress.

I went in with the understanding that the purpose of this appointment was to have a physician deny that I am unable to work. It is a forgone conclusion that just about everyone gets denied the first time they apply for disability. What I did not expect was to be blatantly treated like nothing more than a number. To have my words twisted so perversely that it didn’t even resemble what I was trying to say was shocking to say the least. To have my questions blatantly ignored, extremely frustrating. To be asked questions and not allowed to answer seemed not just rude but extremely counterproductive. A certified, licensed physician looked right at me and told me that he knew nothing about my condition. Then I was not even be allowed to fully explain that condition.

What this all leads me to believe is that sending a person to a doctor to evaluate their condition on behalf of the social security administration is a sham…a rouse. It is there just to give justification to the inevitable first rejection. And if this is not the case then the other logical conclusion is that the social security administration does not actually know how bad people are being treated. Which is also very hard to believe.

Because it was hard for me to believe at first, I did what I thought was right. I called my case worker. I told her what I had experienced. How I felt about how I had been treated. My concerns about my fate being put into the hands of this person. The response I got was so rehearsed and uncaring that it not only did nothing to relieve my fears but it solidified my concerns. I was told that if I was concerned I could write a letter. I am not so naive as to not see that this is just a way to get rid of the complainers. Or maybe to flush out the ones that are sick enough to be willing to put in the time to complain. Well I have the time. So I decided to do a little research of my own. I needed to know if maybe it was just me or I was over reacting. Turns out it’s not just me.

So in addition to my review let me add these…

Fair and accurate diagnosis, Bedside manner, spends time with patients all one star on

You are better off going to the animal hospital across the street. The office is dirty, smells and there were two roaches in the exam room. He is rude, smells, and pays no attention to what you are saying. He is nothing but a as Dr. who is paid 175 by disability to give you an unfavorable report. Seeing patients is a front.

This man is nothing but a Dr. for disability,, and would not even consider him a capable veterinarian. He does not care about your health and should be investigated. He will sell your soul for 175 dollar check from disability to say you are not disabled. He was texting on his phone half of the time I was with him, and did not report one of my problems in his report. He says there is nothing wrong even though I have had neurologist at memorial hospital say different. His office is filthy and smelled, he smelled and there were roaches in his exam room. If you are really concerned for your health find another doctor. There is an animal hospital across the street, you are better of there. I am in the process of reporting him maybe if others did the same the would shut this fraud and his dirty office down.

Horrible experience. I’m finding a new doctor. The office is dirty and disorganized, and the wait time is outrageous. Especially in this economy, when patients take time away from work to see the doctor, you would think they would at least try to run on schedule. Dr. Reines is rude. He scowls, tosses a urine cup at you, and is unapologetic about the wait. I don’t know why anyone would see this doctor again if there is any other choice.

I personally interviewed three other people who wish to remain anonymous that say they had  similar experiences. Although I know that this does not add a whole lot to the credibility of my complaint it does make me feel a little better that I am not the only one.

So this begs the question, as I stated before…Why? Why would people still be sent to a person like this? Why are people not being listened to? Is this simply adding legitimacy to the first rejecting? Is this SSI truly not knowing how people are being treated? Or are we just simply being discredited and ignored. And to what end? Why send people to a Dr that is not going to actually be able to give a real diagnosis? Why waist the time and money? Why not do it right the first time? Or is it really all just a rouse. Just a way to flush out the fakers. Couldn’t a real, honest and caring physician do the same thing with better accuracy and with out having to do it over again? Wouldn’t defense against appeals hold more weight if the physician was not constantly being brought into question?

I submit that people are more likely to fake or exaggerate when faced with someone that is obviously just in it for the paycheck. That those like myself that truly do need help are having to wait longer because of all the subterfuge. The tax payer money is being wasted paying those that do not care just to get to those that do.

I am not sure if this is going to even be read. And if it is read I am not confident that it will be taken seriously. But I feel like I have to at least try. I still believe that the social security administration as a whole is trying to do a good thing, and that they do in fact help may people. So I am hoping that some of that good will shine through.

There was one big question that Dr. Reines asked me that I was no allowed to answer. I am told and I am sure that you can see by this letter that I can be a bit long winded. So I would like to take this opportunity to answer that question as simply and concisely as I can.

Why can you no longer work?

I am in pain all the time.

I am tired all the time.

I never know from one day to another how bad I am going to feel.

Employers will only put up with you not feeling well so long before they let you go.

I have lost 4 jobs due to my condition.

I have about 5 pages of details if your interested but that is hardly the focus here.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to express my concerns. I sincerely hope that this might make a difference that can benefit all involved.

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